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Quality Grades of Slaughter Steers Animal Science - Preliminary Yield Grade Ruler Interior Quality of Eggs
Animal Science - Beef Ribeye Grid Veterinary Science: Preparatory Training for the Veterinary Assistant Teacher's Key Curriculum Guide for Introduction to World Agricultural Science & Technology
Curriculum Guide for Applied Agricultural Science & Technology Curriculum Guide for Wildlife & Recreation Management Curriculum Guide for Range Management & Ecology
Curriculum Guide for Forestry & Wood Technology USDA Poultry Grading Manual USDA Egg Grading Manual
USDA Egg Grading Manual
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Dairy Cattle Evaluation Handbook, 2016 Ready-to-Cook Poultry Grading Chart Meat Evaluation Handbook, 2012 edition
Equine - Horse Evaluation Handbook Evaluating Egg-Type Hens for Production Practice Judging: Western Pleasure I
    (CEVD0111) The presentation contains two classes of western pleasure horses shown at the walk, job, and lope (both directions of the ring), as well as backing. For each movement, horses and riders are shown individual, and then all four in the class are shown simultaneously throught use of the "quad split" technique.
Entomology CDE Study Guide Veterinary Science CDE Handbook 8905B Equine Science workbook
Poultry Science Manual for Career Developments, 7th edition Basic Companion Animal Care How to Judge Western Pleasure
  (CEVD0235) Dogs, cats, hamsters and other companion pets give us so much, but they also require care. The pet will enrich your life, return the favor by taking good care of your pet. The potential pet owner should know ensuring the "new family addition" stays healthy and happy is a long-term commitment. Qualified veterinarians and animal care specialists discuss proper vaccines, diet, exercise, grooming and pet proofing your home. Also discussed are annual check-ups, internal and external parasites and traveling tips. A supplement is included.
(CEVD0103) The western pleasure horse is evaluated on quality of movement, functional correctness, attitude, headset, head carriage and conformation. An experienced horse judge whose teams have won national championships uses competition-level horses to demonstrate desirable and undesirable examples of each factor. A practice class featuring the "quad-split" technique and a class critique follows his discussion. A supplement is included.
How to Judge Hunter Under Saddle Veterinary Science: Preparatory Training for the Veterinary Assistant The Skeletal & Muscular Systems
(CEVD0104) A national champion horse judging team coach demonstrates how to judge the hunter under saddle class based on suitability to purpose, quality of movement, functional correctness, head set and carriage and attitude. Horses, in combination with video graphics, illustrate desirable and undesirable characteristics. After receiving instruction in the criteria for hunter under saddle, you are given the opportunity to evaluate a practice class consisting of four horses. A supplement is included.
  (CEVD0159) Learn the skeletal and muscular systems as Dr. John R. Blanton Jr-collegiate animal science faculty member and comparative anatomy specialist- and Dr. Mark F. Miller-national championship meat-judging coach, muscle biologist and collegiate animal science professor-provide a visual overview of the structures and functions within the skeletal and muscular systems by comparing different animals, including humans, cattle, horses, geese and chickens. Special effects, three-dimensional graphics, live tissue demonstrations, dissected specimens and two five-question quizzes help to teach concepts, such as bone names, bone locations, bone structures, bone shapes, bone functions, skeletal differences across species, muscle fiber types, muscle functions, muscle names, muscle locations, connective tissues and muscle differences across species.
Veterinary Medical Applications Small Animal Management Teacher Toolkit for the Poultry Evaluation CDE
Small Animal Management
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